"Old West Town & Mining Camp
Movie Set & Museum"



Gammons Gulch is located north of Benson, Arizona, in the High Desert of Cochise County. The Movie Location is perfect for your productions. Some of the stars that have appeared in productions at Gammons Gulch are: Jeff Fahey, Kristian Alfonso, Sheree Wilson (Walker: Texas Ranger; Dallas), William Shockley (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman; The Young Riders), and Peter Coyote (The 4400; Brothers & Sisters). Music Video Productions such as Alyssa Milano's "I Had a Dream" or Television Commercials like Geer Doors or YellaWood. Also Productions such as a reality based show from Belgium called "Wedding Bells In America". The Western Town in Arizona is featured in the History Channel's Western Tech Series, where you can see their Old West Town and Telegraph office.

Gammons Gulch is an ideal location for professional photo shoot workshops. 


Come visit the Old Western Town which is a mix the 1880's to the 1930's. Gammons Gulch has a collection of Antiques, Old Cars and Movie Memorabilia. The movie set location offers self guided tours or personalized tours of The Old West Town. While relaxing in The Western Town, enjoy their charming Birding area and picnic area. 


Gammons Gulch offers a down home atmosphere and complete privacy for your special occasions such as Weddings, Car Club Rally's and Group functions. Our Western Town and Museum has had Cowboy Weddings, Antique Car Clubs such as the "Franklin Car Club", the "Model A Car Club", the "Hummingbird Car Club" and many more Classic Car and Motorcycle Clubs. The high desert film location has been a destination point for R.V. and camera clubs who stay at our many beautiful and well equipped R.V. resorts located in Benson, Arizona. The Benson San Pedro Chamber of Commerce web site can help you locate fine motel and camping accommodations.


Hours of operation

September through May
9 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Wednesday through Sunday

June through August
Tours by request
Please call ahead to guarantee they'll be open.

Nominal admission fee charged per project, tours or party.
Sorry,  only cash or checks accepted

Gammons Gulch
331 W Rockspring Ln
Benson, AZ. 85602

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