An international group with members in AZ, CA, CO, IN, NM, OK, OR, SC, United Kingdom and Canada


Dedicated to the lives and times of the men and women of the Old West, and to the spirit of the era, 1860 through 1890

The Mojave Muleskinners -  an old west reenactment group renowned for their authentic dress and character portrayal. They have been featured in several books, dozens of magazines, calendars, paintings, music videos, movies, commercials and television productions.

1995 - 2020

What began after a trip to Goldfield Ghost Town 25 years ago, turned into a kinship across the miles. 

Some pictures are posted on the Mojave Muleskinners FB Page  

" A nation with no regard to it's past, will have little future worth remembering."  Abraham Lincoln


Shorta Cash passed away Jan. 19, 2021. According to his obituary: He never knew a stranger. He had an easy smile. He loved music, bad jokes, endless Ray Stevens, movies, telling stories, sports and laughter. Most of all he loved God and his family.  RIP , Shorta!

Photos by Robert Sansivero  @2021

don't even think about using these images with prior permission. 

photos by sid dutchak

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