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Dedicated to the lives and times of the men and women of the Old West, and to the spirit of the era, 1860 through 1890

Covid-19               March 30, 2020

Amid all the chaos, we wanted to reach out to our fans to let you know how things are faring. For Mojave Muleskinners in Arizona and in California, both states gone into lock down, so our favorite places to play, like Goldfield Ghost Town and Calico, have closed and as such, we have ended our 19-20 season early for the safety of our group and the public. 
With that said, we  ask that everyone stay safe and do your part to help by following the guidelines laid out by President Trump. The entire world is waiting for this nightmare to end!  We look forward to the day when we will be able to perform on the streets again.   
                 Keep yur powder dry! God Bless!

What began after a trip to Goldfield Ghost Town 25 years ago, turned into a kinship across the miles. The Mojave Muleskinners, set up their primitive 1800s' encampment  for an entire week in March celebrating 25 wonderful years of hooting, hollerin' and all around rabble-rousing! 

Some pictures are posted on the Mojave Muleskinners Facebook Page site!!  ~ Cutter

 The Mojave Muleskinners' is an old west reenactment group reknowned for their authentic dress and character portrayal. They have been featured in several books, dozens of magazines, calendars, paintings, music videos, movies, commercials and television productions.

Windy Bill and Capt. Ball @1999

Windy Bill and Capt. Ball @2020

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