Heritage Days / Apacheland Remembered

Superstition Mtn. Museum

Apache Jct., Arizona

Superstition Mountain Museum celebrates their Heritage Days and remembers Apacheland. Apacheland, destroyed by fire in l969, rebuilt and razed by fire, again, on Valentine’s Day, 2004  still lives in the hearts and minds of thousands of western movie buffs and two of its most famous buildings, which survived both fires, stand tall once again at the Superstition Mountain Museum on the Apache Trail. They were disassembled, moved and reconstructed in 2005 and once more the Elvis Memorial Chapel and the famous Apacheland Barn ( also known as the Audrey Murphy Barn) are now open as museums in their own right….testimonials to the many western feature films and TV serials that were produced there from the late l950s until  the town’s  demise. Not only was it a chance to meet and reminisce with Alumni stuntmen and actors, but there were reenactments by the Mojave Muleskinners, performances by the San Carlos  Apache Dancers, Gold Panning, Black Smith demonstrations, an operating “old time” Photography Studio, walks thru the Apacheland Barn - now a movie museum and a visit to The Elvis Memorial Chapel where the  movie “Charro”, starring Elvis Presley, was filmed in l969.




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