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"The deceased came to his death at the hands of an unknown party who was a damned good pistol shot." - Judge Roy Bean



We celebrate the lives of those Muleskinners that left in good standing. 


Thank you, because by visiting this page it keeps the memory of these dear people alive in our hearts. Everyone had a story and each of their lives is precious, not just to their families, but to all of us. May they rest in peace.


"Some people come into our lives and quietly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same...."

God Bless...



AJ  2021



Rattlesnake Rick

Rick Nagel

1958 - 2023   Member #70

It's been a hard and dusty road, but we are  at the end. We say goodbye to an old and dear friend Rattlesnake Rick MM#70, who passed away July 2023. We are proud to have had him as a member of our community, and his memory will live on through his contributions. 

Miss Kittie 3.JPG

Miss Kitty

Jeanie Allen

1963 - 2021      Member #133 

Arizona member who joined in 2006. She always had a smile for you! Some of you may have met her recently at the encampments. We were told she regarded  the Mojave  Muleskinners as her second family. We will miss her.


Irish Murph 

James "Jim" G. Murphy

1933 - 2020   Member #130

AKA Mad Mick



Dave Halseth,

1966 - 2019   Member #202

Most of you would remember him as the carriage driver at Goldfield Ghost Town. He was a horse wrangler by trade and had an honest heart of gold. Godspeed.


Mean Seguin

Robert S. Melgoza

1955 - 2012  Member #158
He didn't have the chance to make it to an event and was looking forward to doing so and meeting everyone. Here is man who followed the Mojave Muleskinners on the websites & Internet and just had to be a part of the group even though he lived in Oregon. This is yet another humbling reminder of what a remarkably special group of reenactors the Mojave Muleskinners are and how we touch people's lives around the world by simply keeping the Old West alive.


Buffalo Kid

Harvey Higley

1942 - 2011    Member #84
All were there to Show Homage and Pay Their Respects to a Man that Walked Tall and Lived Life at it's Fullest, A United States Army Viet Nam Veteran, Police Officer, Father, Son, Brother, Member Of The Mojave Muleskinners and Dedicated Member of The Reenactment Guild of America. Harvey Higley was a Legend That Few can Ever Replace


Misfire Mel

Arthur Crofutt

1945 - 2007    Member #14
Art had the soul and spirit of a cowboy and chose to live his life as one on his own terms. He was an actor and traveled through the Southwest participating in Reenactments as a member of  the Mojave Muleskinners. Art appeared in the 1993 movie, "Tombstone" which starred Kurt Russell; Val Kilmer & Sam Elliot. Art's first love from his Chateauroux schooldays was his talented hand at drawing and painting.



Jeaninne Maust

Member #26


Bismark Bob

Robert Cloward

1948 - 2023    Member #8

Robert 'Bob' Cloward passed away at home on February 15, 2023. After moving to the High Desert he was the head gunfighter and Marshall at Calico Ghost Town - "Bismark Bob".

Prior to his retirement Bob worked for Silver Valley Unified School district, first as a custodian and then as a pert of the MOT team. A celebration of life was held at Calico Ghost Town.  

shorta cashRIP.jpg

Shorta Cash

Louis E. Cuyler

1940 - 2021  Member #225

He loved history. Was a Civil War reenactor for 52 yrs; the 24th Michigan Infantry, Iron Brigade, SUV, Battery C and 3rd Battery Michigan Light Artillery. He was a background artist in 3 Civil War movies portraying officers & privates; a US Senator “Senator Will E. Spendit”; “Rev. Mason", a circuit rider, mountain man, revolutionary soldier, and his latest venture was a cowboy “Shorta Cash” with the Goldfield Gunfighters.



Jack Moorehead

1943 - 2020   Member #83


Square Nail

John Gilbert Doolittle

1934 - 2019   Member #38
Was married to Patti Doolittle, a fellow Mojave Muleskinner and the "love of his life". 


Doc "4" Fingers

Steve McOwen

2014    Member #17

 "I remember how funny Doc was and how much he liked chocolate cake, I took one to Calico and half of it was left and I was worried it wouldn't get eaten. He said." Not while I'm around" and not only did he eat it all there wasn't a crumb left. There used to be a restaurant here in Lucerne Valley and I would go there every Wednesday after work for their meatloaf. Every time, Doc and Flo were there and Doc was eating a big piece of chocolate layer cake. Funny the things you remember about people!"

chicago kid_edited.jpg

Chicago Kid

Patrick "Ski" Sikorski

1945 - 2010   Member#57
"What, are you goofy?"  
Ski passed away on Sunday May 9, 2010. A Marine and a gunfighter, he was a wonderful soul full of life that always had a smile and his quick wit always put a smile on our face. He was one of those rare people and we are better having had him in our life. He will be greatly missed. His memorial was held May 15, 2010 in Mesa, Arizona at his home with the Marine Color Guard performing the ceremony.


Rusty Buttons

Richard Lee Boyd

1934 - 2003   

Posthumous Member #93
Richard was born to  James Boyd and Daisy Barnes in Los Angeles. Richard was an honored  Air Force veteran who served during the Korean War 1952 - 1956. He grew up in the movie industry during the heyday of the western movies where his father, Oliver James Boyd, worked and it fueled his interest in the old west. It wasn't until Richard's son Lucky Sumtyms got involved in western reenactments that his interest piqued again and he joined his son performing.


Weakeyes Cody

Cody  Lee Williams

1933 -  2021  Member #197

Cody was an Ore Foreman at the Borox Mine in California. He left behind a selection of whimsical writings about many subjects, his favorite being the Muleskinners.  


Alabama James

James Carr

1955 - 2021     Member #132

"AJ-199" on CB radio; "Coach James" in Little League, youth basketball, youth football;  "Alabama James or AJ" with Goldfield Gunfighters and Mojave Muleskinners. He retired from Bell Steel, as a welder fabricator in 2019. After 22 years, and days before his passing, he wed the love of his life, Ms. Trixy Rose. 


Fanny Onnerneez

Connie Moorehead

1943 - 2020   Member #82


Miz Eula

Eula Williams

2016   Member #49

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our friend Miz Eula, Mojave Muleskinner #49, beloved wife of Weakeyes Cody, MM #15. She passed away quietly Saturday January 2, 2016. Our thoughts and prayers are with Cody and his family.


Muleskinner Jim

Jim Staxrud

1947 - 2012   Member #61

Founder of the Desert Guns Reenactement Group hailing from Fallbrook, CA  


Buck Thorn

Ray Shank

1937 - 2009   Member #106
Buck Thorn passed away on August 6, 2009. Always the gentleman,
Buck was a very friendly and giving person who would give the hat off his head if you needed it, 
and in some cases he did just that. His pain is finally gone. May he rest in peace.



Dennis Edward Moore

1957 = 2000    Member #36

Beloved brother of Purgatory and Tooley.



Thomas W. Gabbard

1952 - 2022     Member #197

Morgan was known for his music career. He played acoustic guitar and sang in multiple cekebrity country -western bands throughout Indiana and Arizona. He was a gunfighter reenactor most of his life and in 2014, he joined the Mojave Muleskinners. From then on you could find him  most weekends out at Goldfield Ghost Town, doing what he loved!


Joe Renegade

Joseph Cyr

1938 - 2021   Member #7
Joe was an enthusiast of everything Old West. He was a member of the Mojave Muleskinners for 26 years. He was also active in the Prescott Regulators & Their Shady Ladies, a re-enactment group in Prescott. Joe was always known for his love of cigars. His buddies in the western world must carry on in his name. Joe proudly served in the United States Air Force and was a member of American Legion Post 6 in Prescott. Joe retired from Nabisco in Buena Park,


Henry Fencepost

William "Bill" Wright

1949 - 2020   Member #109
Calico Ghost Town Hall of Famer, Henry Fencepost, passed on. Since 1968, Henry was a pianist and entertainer at Calico Ghost Town. Henry played it all and entertained thousands from all over the world. From ragtime to classical, from character to tales he was a true musician and entertainer. He will be missed. He is preceded in death by his wife, Joanna, better know as Nushkie ~ Mojave Muleskinner #110. May they Rest In Peace



George Austin

1935-2015   Member #142

This man lived for keeping the Old West alive. Even during his treatments, he would drag Lotta out to Goldfield Ghostown, AZ whenever he could because he loved it so much. Rest In Peace, Tumbleweed, you will be missed.


Okie Sew-N-Sew

 Lanna Bow 

2012  Member #46

AKA Sissy Sew n So

AKA Sweet Lanna Bow. 


Sugar Britches

Carolynn Herrera

1960 - 2009    Member #117
Sugar Britches passed away on Friday February 13, 2009. She was a shy floozy that always had a smile for everyone. A life cut too short, she will be missed by her family, friends and all of the visitors that visit Goldfield Ghost Town. Her funeral was held  in Scottsdale, Arizona. A personal gunfighter memorial was held on Sunday February 29, 2009 at the Church On The Mount in Goldfield Ghost Town.


Christian Menyhart

Christian Menyhart

1976 - 1996   

Posthumous Member #95
The son of Peter Menyhart, aka "German Pete" owner of the Whitehorse Ranch, Chris was only 20 years old when he sadly passed away on November 10, 1996. He had a bright future ahead of him. He just bought his first house, was a mechanic ready to take on the family business, worked as a stuntman and performed as a reenactor with his father.

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