New Years 2016
Goldfield Ghost Town, Goldfield, Arizona



We had such a wonderful and festive New Years! We celebrated the opening of our new, Mojave Muleskinner shack! Dizzy Lizzy brought some home-made stew and along side with some pizza, it made for a yummy dinner. The weather was touch and go, but as true Mojave Muleskinners do, we endured and in fact welcomed the challenge!


Windy Bill, Cutter, Etta Mae, Dirt Faced Jake, Chiliean Fryes, Jenny Ruth, Sarge, Liveround, Flapjack, Buffalo Shiloh, JB, Early Lately, AJ, Carlos, Dizzy Lizzy, Lefty, Margarita, Maria, Curly Jake,TW, No Account Nate, Slim, Morgan, Whiskey, Trixy Rose, Dare Me Debra, Half-Kocked and Smilin Jack. We had some of the CA Muleskinners make it, Raw Knee and Purgatory. Then, Cherokee and Miss Minnie made a surprise visit all the way from South Carolina.


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