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Goldfield Ghost Town
Goldfield, Arizona
"Gateway to the Legendary Superstition Mountains"

The boomtown of Goldfield is located off of Mammoth Mine Road situated at the base of the Superstition Mountains. With the discovery of mines in 1892, Goldfield became a booming community boasting a population of 5 thousand people, 3 saloons, boarding houses, a hotel and a general store. There were 50 working mines in the district. The legendary Lost Dutchman Mine still debated today as whether is has ever been rediscovered. The Superstition Mountains draw adventurers seeking lost gold as well as recreational riches.

Today, Goldfield offers an interesting guided tour of a reconstructed section of the old Mammoth Mine and hosts several unique shops, a saloon, brothel, bakery, leather works, jail,  livery, a narrow gauge railway and the Goldfield Museum.

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