Whiskey Row Shootout
Prescott, AZ
 years:   2013 - 2015
 years:   2010 - 2012


“Shootout on Whiskey Row” is presented by The Prescott Regulators & Their Shady Ladies. The 100 block of South Montezuma Street in Prescott, Arizona has long been known as Whiskey Row, for the that fact that it once hosted over 40 saloons. If you have ever been to Downtown Prescott and witnessed "The Row", it would be hard to imagine that so many saloons could have fit on one block. Prior to 1877, "The Row" was rumored to have been located a couple blocks to the west of its present location. But it was moved due to the insistence of many of the local employers and wives, because the patrons of "The Row" had to cross a foot bridge over Granite Creek to return home and in the wet season, some of the more sot would fall into this very shallow creek and drown.


Although we don't participate in the gunfighter competition, over the years we have been graciously invited by the Prescott Regulators to show our talents. Their continued hospitality make it an event we look forward to every year!



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