Apacheland Movie Ranch
Kings Ranch Road
Gold Canyon, Arizona

Intended to be the "Western movie capitol of the world", construction on the Apacheland western town began on February 12, 1960.

On May 29, 1969, fire destroyed most of the ranch. Only 7 buildings survived. The sets were soon rebuilt at 4369 S. Kings Ranch Road, Gold Canyon (about 7 miles east of Apache Junction), Arizona. On February 14, 2004 at 7:00pm, the Apacheland Movie Ranch again burned, probably caused by an electrical malfunction in the second story of the saloon. Fourteen of the 21 buildings on the property were lost. The same 7 buildings which survived the first fire, survived again. Since there were no plans to rebuild, the property was sold to a developer. The chapel and the "Rifleman" barn were relocated to the Superstition Mountain Museum.

New Years 2004 - 

Would be our last encampment at Apacheland. It burned down Valentines Day, 2004.

The  Mojave Muleskinners, Goldfield Gunfighters & Apacheland Gunfighters gathered at Apacheland Movie Ranch. An excellent campsite, right on Main Street, was secured  and to the great joy of all the gunfighters, the Bordello was in full use throughout the weekend. Gunfights....hangings.... performances lasted throughout the day and evening. In addition, a very successful Sunday Service was held in the old church from the Elvis Presley movie, Charro. Preacher spoke a fine sermon that started out with prayers for our fellow Mojave Muleskinner, Acton Ranger, our troops overseas and appreciation to all of our veterans. Ernie Begernie surprised everyone with his performance on the church's organ.... needless to say, it was definitely not for the faint of heart!

2007 Booksigning
"Apacheland Remembered"


The  Mojave Muleskinners are in a calendar and a new book  "Valentine Cowboy", by Marilyn Natoli.  It is a tribute to Apacheland Movie Ranch with many photographs of the Mojave Muleskinners! Marilyn had a vintage western photography studio in Apacheland that burned to the ground along with several other merchants’ shops. Of the few remaining structures left standing, the Elvis Chapel and the Rifleman’s barn were spared from the fire and relocated to the Superstition Mountain Museum.  www.valentinecowboy.com


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