Virginia City, NV
"Home of the Comstock Mine"

In the time between the early 1860´s through the 1890´s, Virginia City was one of the largest and most sophisticated cities in the west. The Virginia & Truckee Railroad is by far the most famous of all American short lines. In its hey-day as many as 45 trains a day arrived and departed Virginia City hauling millions of dollars in gold and silver ore from the Comstock Mine.


"At the peak of its glory, Virginia City was a boisterous town. There was gold in every hill and millions of dollars were being made. Men came from everywhere, the "Bonanza Kings" of Irish descent: Mackay, Fair, Flood and O'Brien. The spirits of these Comstock characters still inhabit the places they built, and romance still thrives in the wondrous place in the shadow of Sun Mountain"




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