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- Calico Days, Calico Ghost Town

November - April
- Goldfield Gunfighters, Goldfield Ghost Town, AZ
Silent Film "Striking It Rich" by Curly Jake Premier Goldfield Ghost Town July 2021


Whitehorse Ranch 2022

Whitehorse Ranch 2022

2022 Sheriff Deadwood and Sidewinder -                                         they perform at Knott's Berry Farm

This never gets any easier. Sadly, our good friend Morgan passed away February 2, 2022. Since 2014, Morgan has been a regular figure at Goldfield Ghost Town. It won't be the same without him!  RIP


Minnesnowta Maureen won for Best Wardrobe/Costume Design for PROMISE at The 2021 Wild Bunch Film Festival!  The western film festival premiered  in Willcox, AZ. Congratulations, Minnesnowta!      


2021 Our recent projects include: 

FLYOVER Wild West 

Music Video BOM

Film Billie the Kid

Film Molly Pickett


25th Anniversary March 2020


The week started off with a bang and then the torrential rains came. By the time Saturday rolled around, it had stop raining long enough to enjoy the day and dinner. 


On a warm balmy evening in March 2018, a handful of the Mojave Muleskinners dressed up and went to watch Blazing Saddles by ​Mel Brooks at the local cinema. 


YouTube singer and rapper, Seckond Chaynce came out to Goldfield Ghost Town for one of his videos. Dirtface Jake aided in the directing and setting up. 2018

sekond chance rapper

20th Anniversary   2015

An amazing weekend with amazing folks; Bob Corbin, state attorney general ; Tom Kollenborn, Lost Dutchman Authority; Bob Schoose, Owner/Mayor of Goldfield Ghost Town stopped by the encampment. We missed Dave Bourne, RIP, but he was there with us in spirit@ 


Lindsey Stirling filmed her new music video, "Roundtable Rival", at the Whitehorse Movie Ranch . Several Muleskinners were able to be color!  April 2014

Tucson Pearl and Lindey Sterling.jpg


Sept. 4th-6th, Showdown in Tombstone, Tombstone, Az.

Sept. 25th-26th, Calico Days, Calico, Ca.

Oct. 2nd, Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Durango Colorado.


Oct. 15th-17th, Helldorado, Tombstone, Az.


Nov. 6th, Gunfighting Season  Goldfield, Az.

Rattlesnake Rick #70 passed away peacefully with family and friends July 9, 2023. He joined the Mojave Muleskinners in 2002 and it was a prefect fit! Truly one of the good ones! We will miss him dearly! 


Deaths In The Family   RIP

Rattlesnake Rick 2023

Weakeyes Cody 2022

Morgan 2022

Miss Kitty 2021

Shorta Cash 2021

Alabama James 2021

Joe Renegade 2021

Fanny Onerneez 2020

Idaho 2020

Murphy 2020

Henry Fencepost 2020

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