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Mescal, Arizona
"Legendary Movie Location"

The Mojave Muleskinners walked the same streets that notable actors did -  walking its dusty boardwalks were Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Lee Marvin, Sharon Stone, Clint Eastwood, to name a few. 

The Mescal Movie Set is one of the most recognizable western cinematic towns on the big screen. This iconic set was home to the movies Outlaw Josey Wales, Maverick (remake), Buffalo Soldiers, Tombstone, the Quick and the Dead, Cowboys & Aliens and over 80 other westerns.

Mescal set is under new ownership and is currently being revitalized and rebuilt. Plans are in place to expand the original 27 buildings with a church, blacksmith shop, boothill cemetery, and more.

The legendary movie location is normally a closed set, but the revitalized movie set will soon be open to the public. Western enthusiasts can visit and take a tour with a knowledgeable historian. The set will also be available for special events. First and foremost, Mescal is still a film set and available for movies, television, documentaries, commercials, music videos, and more. 

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