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Writins of Weakeyes Cody

                                  Talented and witty writings

For The Muleskinners  @2001

Pulling my trusty steed to a halt I gaze down across the vast sweeps of the desert before me and turn my collar up to the cold wind that comes down the valley this time every year to help remind me that the year is coming to a close. It's the time of year when almost all business is interfered with as most everyone assumes this attitude of peace on earth good will toward each other. Except when trying to find a place to park or trying to get through a narrow doorway with a host of packages in my arms. Then I hear little fragments of impieties being uttered and even send out a few of my own.


When the great day is finally over and everyone is trying to find the purchase slip in order to exchange their gifts for something useful, we can then look forward to another celebration. If Christmas is accepted as more of a Christian Holiday, then New Year's Eve must certainly be a night for the heathens.


I must confess to having most delightful memories of this spirited affair. Of course, the conduct of business and everyday existence is made miserable for two weeks afterward while all the resolutions are being maintained. The smokers aren't smoking, the gourmets aren't eating, The profane not venting, The sinners refraining from whatever they feel guilty of, and all habits that were established and well founded are now suspended while the will power of those good people is severely tried.

The only happy one's are the little children who by now have traded the toys they received to other children for one's they like. And by the last of January, I begin to see smiles return to the faces of my friends and enemies. They have for the most part, resumed their normal behavior. I like this. Mankind has a natural behavior that he is born with. Some are happy, some are morose, others are somewhere in between. The holidays serve to remind them that there is another attitude not their own. Gives them pause to reflect I reckon. And to pretend that they really care. This too is good rehearsal. For in their pretense they might recognize the pleasure it brings.


The holidays are a time for such reflection, and I remember some grand and glorious times. The eyes of children trying to understand the overwhelming number of things before them. Gifts, food, decorations, lights of all kinds. Adults laughing. Kids like it when grown ups laugh. It tells them everything is good. It's a dark and gloomy time what with all the talk of war and such. But it's a bright and cheerful time too. I'm going to look forward to seeing the eyes of the children again. And maybe sharing in some pretense of good will with my friends and enemies. It's December 10th, 1901, and we just don't know what the future holds things are moving so fast. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,



~ Weakeyes Cody & Miz Eula

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