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Oh, and Happy New Year! @ 2011

This will be our 78th & 77th Christmas. Roaming easily back through the years some of the best Christmases were during the years of WWll. That's because we were small and the exploding world of war was subdued from our young minds and seemed far away. Yet, we were old enough to know what a gold star hanging in a window meant. It meant a son had given all for the cause and would come no more to this door. Still, when the house was filled with the fragrance of cinnamon and pine and fried chicken, we, as children, were happy.


The nation is a different place today. Merry Christmas is shunned in our vocabulary as is the mention of anything religious. The f-word bomb is echoed in our malls by young people and the lack of patience and common manners is forgotten. I have never been a church attender nor considered a religious man, but we were raised by the simple principles of parents who were.


There doesn't seem to be much I can do to change this relatively recent avalanche of change that has befallen our country. It's like wading through a swamp of mud that just builds up on my boots with each step. And it doesn't take a grand intellect to know that this can't continue. But when I swing a fist of protest it comes all the way from 1933 born in a time when we carried a measure of respect for women and little kids, into this present day of ignorance where people can't seem to recognize basic right from wrong. And I am called out of step with the times. And while this may be true to some extent, I have friends who died fighting communist people carrying communist flags and today they knock on my door and hand me communist publications.


In memory I hear the star spangled banner played by a majestic band and not sung by some no-talent squeaker who can't remember the words. I long to hear music that has a disciplined beat with words that make sense and I'd like to have leaders who believe that the United States of America is truly unique among the nations of the world lest thousands wouldn't be lined up to enter.


I would like to believe that when we leave this beloved America, our grandson will have what we had when we inherited the future. We'd like for him to look up from his hand held computer and stop texting long enough to see a world as great as it was when we were young.


Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas as good as you had when you were six years old. When anything was possible, candy was great and there really was a Santa Clause, three wise men followed a star to find a baby who grew to change the convictions of many and we believed that we were created from dust and not evolved from an unproven theory submitted by a man who flunked out of college. For me and mine, that old dog won't hunt!

Oh, and Happy New Year.

Eula & Cody


~ Weakeyes Cody 2011

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