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Writins of Weakeyes Cody

                                  Talented and witty writings

It's Still Merry Christmas  @2006

Come all ye gamblers and wranglers, in from the cold,

You lawmen and lassies and outlaws so bold,

Gather ye around this warm oak log fire,

And tell me what is your hearts one desire.


Is it the turn of a card, a winning held hand,

Or a thousand longhorns grazing your land.

Still, maybe a six gun and leather so sweet,

Or a fair maiden to kneel at your feet?


Lookin’ in your eyes and seein’ what’s there,

I think none of the above is worth much care,

And whether you’re Joseph, Joe, or Jose,

We’ll all get friendly on a Christmas day.


Unsaddle your horses and put ‘em in a stall,

Gather ‘round the fire, there’s room here for all.

We’ll stuff rags in the windows to keep out the snow,

Tune up the guitar and rosin the bow.


We’ll sing, dance, and tell stories into the night,

Decorate a pine tree, my what a sight!

See the eyes of the children in dawns early light,

Then have a big dinner and the world is alright.


For it’s not what’s in the jug that makes us feel good,

But standin’ up for what our pappy’s once stood,

And that my friends is the simple right to say. Merry Christmas!

To you, on a Christmas day! And a Happy New Year from the Mojave! USA.


~ Weakeyes & Miz Eula   2006

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