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Writins of Weakeyes Cody

                                  Talented and witty writings

I Wanted To Be A Drunk  @ 2011

I was sixteen when I first started roamin’. I wanted to be a drunk. Studied it, trained for it, but just couldn’t afford it. And it hurt too much. My meager wages just ran out too soon and I was left stranded in mid month with nothing but my job.


It was also unfortunate for me to have grown up in a dry state. Even the beer held a low alcohol content. It was a real treasure to find a bootlegger who sold bonded whiskey hauled from a bordering state. So I was not only employed at low earnings, I was disadvantaged in my acquiring good whiskey nearly all of the time.


Most of the whiskey I drank came from a quart mason jar and was as clear as water. We would go to the bootleggers house and he would walk along a fence and kick up a quart from under the leaves and hand us for a $5 dollar bill. No where in the state could a body walk up to a bar, and with his foot on a rail order a shot of whiskey. It was unwieldy to be a drunk in Oklahoma.


It could also be dangerous. Most of the honky tonks and beer joints housed a fair share of really mean fellas who after a few shots of liquor were looking for a face to hit with their fists. I ran into some of them.


But that was over sixty years ago. Now, times have changed. Moreover the mode of intoxication has changed. The honky tonk dance hall has been replaced by gathering places filled with people smoking marijuana or snorting nose candy and who greets any new arrivals with a slap on the back, a hug, and an offer to share some of the good stuff.


If I was sixteen again bent on becoming a drunk it would still be difficult due to the various other means of becoming inebriated. We have progressed deeply into far better selections of leaving our senses. I reckon I was born fifty years too soon? Or maybe just unlucky?  


~ Weakeyes Cody 2011

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