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Writins of Weakeyes Cody

                                  Talented and witty writings

A Theory @2002

Charles Robert Darwin, was a learned man. At least one would conclude this after reading his rather lengthy expose of the origin of species by natural selection or the preservation of selected races in the struggle for life.


It's good that some of us have the where-with-all to have our opinions considered and set to print. But like most of us Mr. Darwin, didn't have many opinions for awhile. His grandpappy was a physician who held the opinion that we evolved from something lesser. He called it his Theory Of Evolution, I believe.


From the age of 16 he studied medicine at Edinburgh for two years. A profession for which he found himself unfitted. Then he turned toward the ministry. He enrolled at Cambridge University and studied there for three years and became disinclined for that noble calling. Then after laying around home for a year or so he was appointed Naturalist on the exploration voyage of the HMS Beagle. Charlie had to stay with this choice for the better part of five years. The boat sailed off in the Pacific Ocean visiting several islands known to have cannibals and he most likely was hesitant to go ashore many times. And it's only natural that a young man confined as he was for long durations, be given to some deep thinking. So he began to write considerably.


Now, it's my belief that the difference in an opinion and a theory is merely one is written and set to print and possibly published, while the other goes forth dependant on sound and recall of those present at the time it is discharged. I've always thought it a pity and a mockery that less theories are forthcoming and more opinions were known. In my modest exposure to life's escapades I have heard some very impressive opinions issued in poolrooms, sale barns, picnics, parties and patios.


I reckon my point with all this is, I seriously question Mr. Dawin's theory. He has, after an obviously unhappy childhood, where he was confined in English schools for many years, being exposed to very little of the real events in life such as playing with ants, lizards, horned toads, and being allowed to simply go fishing or walking through the forest very little, and being shanghaied aboard a ship for years doing the job of Naturalist, for which he had absolutely no prior knowledge or experience, emerged with the disconnected opinion that we have somehow evolved.


I think he was pressured into it! I never met his Poppa, but I bet he wanted Charles out of the house and away from those expensive colleges? And since Charlie was impressed by his Grandpop's theories of evolution as well as his financial capability which permitted him to attend school, he wrote down his thoughts and his Grandpop had them printed. Very well Mr. Darwin. A query: Why aren't we still evolving? Was there an end to this evolving condition? You fail to mention this in your published opinion. We evolved by natural selection, you say. Nature, only tears away, smooths down and destroys that which exists. I have seen no creations by nature that aren't born of chaos. The Grand Canyon, comes to mind as a prime example. And if we sprang from the chimpanzee why is there still chimps? Did we somehow accelerate away from him by some natural selection others weren't granted?


Lucky us. Lowly little man has taken the skinny wheat seed and with grafting and careful transplanting created a hybrid wheat that feeds thousands more people per field of wheat. But that's not natural selection that is planned selection. We find evidence of homo sapiens more than 35,000 years ago. But we're not sure whence he came. I would suggest that perhaps he is born of angels. Certainly that opinion holds as much accuracy as yours? Or how about the creationists? Oh - but that is a theory like yours isn't it. It's published thereby a theory.


It's just my humble opinion Mr. Darwin, but I believe that old Adam or drunken old Noah, and his band, with their absurd tales of our lineage, are as acceptable as is your theory.


I think you should have had the opportunity to shoot marbles and go swimmin' or fishin' down along the river with a can of worms and a cane pole Charlie. Watching the mud seep up between your toes can be captivating and maybe you could've developed a completely different outlook on life? A boy needs that sort of thing to grow up just a certain way. I know I did.


~ Weakeyes Cody

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