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Writins of Weakeyes Cody

                                  Talented and witty writings

 My Pursuit @2002

Basic psychology of psychological warfare tells us that to destroy an ideal we must first undermine its merits then attack its existence. One of the disadvantages of living three score and ten years is the fact that we are made to witness, within the realm of the society in which we were developed, attempts by pseudo intellectuals to rewrite the fundamentals upon which we have become the greatest nation in the history of mankind. In effect to change the things that work.


Within the framework of our constitution we have as a nation, changed a great number of things that plagued us as a free society. We have righted many of our wrongs and still yet are faced with much work to do. By virtue of being a free society, we are subjected to many things that befall us. As a result, we are vulnerable to most any kind of insanity. We are vulnerable to anyone who is selling an idea or ideal. We have religious freedom and so anyone with a theological variance may start their personal church founded on whatever is allegedly given them by the Deity. We are vulnerable to any political schemes that can be pumped into the privacy of our living rooms daily by those with means to do it with. We may throw explosives from fast- moving vehicles or shoot citizens from them on freeways. Our freedoms allow us both pleasure and pain. And for all our faults, we are still the shining light that promises to lift mankind higher than he has ever been before.


But my friends, beware of those who tamper with the written words that have carried us through two hundred twenty six years of prosperity and poverty and allowed us to build what the world envies today. Keep in mind this constitution states that we have among other things, the right to the pursuit of happiness. No other nation on this planet was born with those words foremost in a constitution and has caused such a stir in the hearts of a people.


We have freedom of religion! Not freedom from religion. I shall pray wherever and whenever I choose to do so as long as I am not interfering with the daily routines of others. Which common sense tells me, as it has told me for all my years, that I best not do it in the middle of the Hollywood freeway on a busy Friday afternoon! I have the right given by the very first amendment, to say what I want where I want and when I want. Again common sense and ethical judgement dictates that I not yell 'fire' in a darkened theater or stand and bellow obscenities in a church.


Also, since our beginnings as a nation, and today being the only surviving nation with the right to keep and bare arms, I have the right to own a handgun or a rifle or ten of them or a hundred of them so long as I use them lawfully. And as long as I am in my right mind, I shall not shoot children in schoolyards or people in restaurants, post offices, churches, Department stores, and political gatherings, which seems to be what so many politicians fear that I will do these days. My purpose behind the forgoing my fellow Muleskinners, is to try to make you aware of the conduct of the politicians you cast that one and only vote you have for. Know where they stand on the values that affect your personal world. It's not hard to find out their history of votes. They are recorded in the Congressional records all the way back to GW and TJ., and you can get them by asking for them.


The right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. Anyone this statement strikes fear in, bears watching. And watch real closely the comments of your evening news heads. Take the time to know who you are about to vote for. There's an old saying that states: If it's not broke, don't fix it. Why do we tolerate politicians who try to pass laws that protect me from myself? And you know, they are passing them every day. Where has gone my life, liberty, and my pursuit of happiness?


~ Weakeyes Cody


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