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Writins of Weakeyes Cody

                                  Talented and witty writings

I’ll Be Back Come Spring   @ 2010

I’ve seen a lot of trail drives, rodeo’s, stomp dances, and water under the bridges in my day. And I’ve watched a lot of friends saddle up and ride out. When someone’s face becomes engrained in your memory and you’ve learned what’s behind that face and come to know and trust it, well, it’s hard to see it ride away.


Smokey Jack, came among is at the beginning of this decade. A friendly sort prone to carrying a host of handguns on his person so numerous that none of us wanted him to fall on us whilst doing skits for fear of getting a pistol butt in the ribs. But we all liked Smokey because he made us feel good just to be around him.


Smokey has touched nearly every Muleskinner past and present one way or another. He’s helped us in times of difficulty, set up performances for us and given advise when necessary, watched our backs and laughed with us when things were good. He was a desert rat like the rest of us. But Smokey lives in Sacramento. It’s always been his home. He was raised there, played there as a boy. He came here as a hydraulic mechanic and now he has retired and is heading home.


Of course home is where the heart is, is the old saying. And Smokey is quick to tell us he’ll be back in the spring to ride with us and be with us again. He smiles and speaks of days ahead when he will come to our events and ride with us again and Smokey doesn’t lie. He always keeps his word. But the days of having Smokey nearby are gone. For it’s over four-hundred long miles up the San Joaquin Valley to Smokey’s place and he’s not going to be handy for us anymore.


If I seem a little poignant it’s just me being selfish. For I’d be the first to admit it was great to have him relatively nearby. But I know every Muleskinner feels same as I. We’ll miss him, and very much look forward to seeing him when he comes back to join us come spring.


~ Weakeyes Cody

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