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Writins of Weakeyes Cody

                                  Talented and witty writings

Two Small Asses  @2007

They were a slick little team of mules. Not the big Missouri Red’s, but a nice small span of mules fit to pull my light wagon or buckboard. My brother-in-law who owns a team of Belgians, commented that he liked a significant amount of horse power when it came time to do a job, but my reply was, my mules don’t eat much are easy to maintain and shelter and I don’t reckon to move any heavy loads.

Then one day I decided to buy a new Studebaker wagon. It was dark green with yellow wheels and looked very sporty. I couldn’t justify it to Miz Eula, but she managed to climb up on the wheel and sit in the spring seat anyway. Well, as soon as I slapped the lines across the backs of Toab & Roady, and they leaned heavily into their collars, I knew the Studebaker was heavier than they told me. Then on the way home as we hit a slight slope in blowsand, the little mules were placing their feet carefully and heaving along with deep breathing. Muz Eula, shook her head but said not a word. I clamped my jaw to an aching position and watched my little team work and the traces were tight enough to play a tune on all the way home.


When we arrived, I unhitched the Studebaker, and it sat there for two years untouched by anyone. But it was impressive to look at. It set off Miz Eula’s red and yellow roses nicely. I paid three hundred dollars for that wagon and sold it to an old acquaintance for two hundred. He was happy and so was I.


Well, after a time, I got a yen for another wagon. So I set about looking at various small light rigs and finally found one. This one was very appropriate for my needs and my team was capable of pulling it. Next I had to convince Mis Eula that it was alright. Now this may seem like an easy chore. I mean, after fifty-two years of wedded bliss you’d think that this was merely a matter of informing her of my plans. Unfortunately fifty-two years gives a woman a lot of time to study the character of a man and Miz Eula, can certainly study. So, every time I mentioned the wagon she mentioned my past purchase. She mentioned it again and again. But at last I emerged proudly and purchased the new smaller, lighter wagon. Toab and Roady, didn’t prance along the road with it but managed to pull it without busting a breast band.


Now what’s my point with this story? Well I reckon there’s a number of ‘em. Be more considerate to your animals. Disregard anything a wagon salesman tells you. Or maybe be a better judge of what your team can do. But maybe Miz Eula’s advice is closest to Muleskinner philosophy: “Don’t let your alligator mind overload your hummingbird ass.”


~ Weakeyes Cody

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